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#startitup No.1 / Work Well Blog Series: Starting your own small, service-based business.

Hello Work Well friends! To kick off Work Well's Blog, I've created a series of posts about a topic I found very appropriate: Starting your own small, service-based business. #startitup

If you're like me, you've found that while working for others has been a series of excellent learning experiences, there's a piece of you that yearns for going out on your own and manifesting a vision held within your own mind. Plus, you get to do things your way - which is pretty awesome.

Starting a small business can make you feel a combination of so many things - Excitement about the possibilities. Determination to be successful. Anxiety about going out on your own. Confusion on the best place to start. And so forth. Sometimes, it's all the preliminary logistics that can make you second guess your dream, and stall you out - which is never a good thing. That's where the Work Well Blog Series #startitup kicks in.

I created this Work Well Blog Series #startitup to help take the tedious administrative aspects of getting your business off the ground so you can truly focus on what's important - manifesting your vision.

Over the next month, I'll cover some of the basics:

#startitup No.1 / Work Well Blog Series: Starting your own small, service-based business.
#startitup No. 2 / Do your homework. Vetting an idea and planning for the future.
#startitup No. 3 / Signed, sealed and delivered. Forming an official business.
#startitup No. 4 / Get organized. Building a solid foundation.
#startitup No. 5 / Branding basics. Identity essentials.
#startitup No. 6 / Get social. Social Media Planning.
#startitup No. 7 / Clients and customers. Get your audience.

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As with all Work Well posts, their intent is to help start a conversation and point you in the right direction. If you require any additional help, have feedback or just want to connect - feel free to comment on a post or contact me. Let's get a conversation going.

Work well, be well my friends -