About Work Well. Work Well is a consulting firm that provides business and wellness services to starting, growing, and pivoting businesses in a holistic fashion. Every aspect of business - operations, finances, human resources, sales, marketing and the work environment itself - are taken into account when creating a viable and effective program. #workwellbewell

About Kate. 

Hi. My name is Kate Woods and I am the owner of Work Well. After working in a variety of industries - pharmaceutical, legal affairs, finance, corporate compliance, retail, design & development, and the health and fitness industry - I've learned quite a few things about business itself and the environments that either support or hinder the success of a company and the happiness of its owners and employees. As such, I created Work Well as a result of a series of personal experiences and lessons learned - the easy and hard way - to provide starting or growing companies the essential help they need, when they need it, and in a way they can afford. #nicetomeetyou

Working with Kate. How I approach my work clients is exactly how I approach my private yoga students: I perform a structural and mental wellbeing assessment, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, focus on education to address any imbalances, implement specific programs to alleviate them, and provide continuous support during the entirety of the process. I strive to create a open and inclusive environment, and approach my work with fairness, reasonableness, and compassion. Ultimately, the goal, of all client relations, is not to create a dependency, but to empower a client with tools to make the right decisions specific to them. #empowerment

Positions I've held. (In progression.) Executive Assistant. Sarbanes-Oxley Coordinator. Project Manager. Teacher Coordinator. Retail Store Owner. Studio Manager. Yoga Instructor. Finance & Operations Manager. Vice President of Operations. Coach. Consultant. Wife. Mother. Cancer Survivor. 

Favorite things. Carrot cake. Science Fiction. Sirsasana (that's sanskrit for headstand.) Taking photos. Making structure from chaos.