Work Well Services. Work Well provides a variety of business and wellness services custom tailored for starting, growing and pivoting businesses. Arenas include administration, operations, finances, sales, marketing, personnel management, and health & wellness programs. #workwellprocess

The Work Well Process

Initial assessment.

A brief meeting to discuss you, your company, current business products or services, leadership style, operation models, strengths and pain points, work/life balance status, hopes, dreams and what you're hoping to achieve. #starthere

Develop a game plan.

I prioritize your needs and develop a cost-friendly approach to augment you and your business - never burden it. (That would defeat our whole purpose.) From there we tackle it together. #herestheplan

Types of relationships.

There's no one way that works right for everyone - especially with a growing or pivoting business. As such, I've got a few types of offerings that work with your current needs.

  • Single project. Administrative Jumpstart, Growth & Development Strategies, Recruiting & Hiring Plans, Operational Restructuring, Project Management Architecture and Implementation, Cash-Flow Assessment & Planning, Company Branding or Re-Branding Strategy and Documentation, Human Resource Audit and Plan Implementation, Retail Services Inventory & Assessment, Work & Wellness Retreats, Event Planning and Administration. #gobig
  • Back up during busy season. Annual Budget and Headcount Planning, Company Benefit Plan Open Enrollment, Year-End Closures, Seasonal Project Overflow. #pinchhitter
  • Monthly retainer. Bookkeeping, Benefits & Payroll Administration, Employee Management, Yoga & Wellness Programs, On-going Work + Wellness Consulting. #alittlegoesalongway

*Above are just some examples of work I've done. If you don't see what you're looking for, let's chat. I'm sure it's right up my ally.

We're binding agents.

I know quite a few things, but I don't know everything. The good news is, we know a lot of trustworthy, industry experts to connect you with to help you achieve your goals. I consult with some amazing attorneys, accountants, financial planners, human resource consultants, design & development agencies, social media experts, interior & event designers, health & fitness innovators, and really wise business owners to get the job done right. #connectthedots

Hindsight is 20/20.

Neither of us can improve unless we see how far we've come. Upon project completion, a retrospective is done. We sit down to assess the results, what was learned, examine the value provided, and chat honestly about what worked and discuss opportunities for improvement. #lookingbacktogoforward

The fees are flat.

What you pay is what you pay. No hourly billing, unannounced add-on's, clear service commitments and deliverable schedules that you can depend on. #getwhatyoupayfor

Happiness guarantee.

If during or at project completion you feel the services provided don't meet or exceed the price you paid, I'll continue to work until we get it right. #iguaranteeit

Ready to get started?

Not sure if if you're ready? Got some questions? Let's connect for a brief, no cost, consultation. Click here to get in touch. #askandyoushallreceive